You straddle two worlds long enough, you end up nowhere.

The game’s been upped. There’s so much more danger. There’s so much more risk.

Not With You (Get Along) - Tegan and Sara Cover

The Reeds in the Season 3 Production Video [x]

fandom meme || two antagonists/villains || Morgana {1/2}

The snow fell and the castle rose. It was only a castle when she began, but before very long Sansa knew it was Winterfell. Soon her gloves and her boots were crusty white, her hands were tingling, and her feet were soaked and cold, but she did not care. The castle was all that mattered.

“I dont think I’ve ever been sent love poetry.”

“Yes you have.” 


1x10 The Leviathan Meet the Watsons!


“All I’m saying is, there’s a reason why Sporty Spice is the only one without a fella.”


a modern au of sorts; merlin/morgan.

‘I’m not a wounded deer, Merlin.’
‘And I’m not a kings trophy.’
‘Good. Let’s drink to that.’